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What we offer

3D Printting

Ludor Engineering provides 3D printing using Fused Deposition Modeling technology (FDM) and Stereolithography (SLA).

Printer ensures a very good accuracy, complex geometries and very smooth and precise. The maximum size of printed objects are Ø100x100 mm. The technology is suitable for the manufacture of decorative objects, jewelry, figurines etc.

The 3 FDM printers affordably produce larger objects (dimensions max. 400x400x350 mm).p>

The materials we usually use are:

  • PLA (polylactic acid), which is produced from renewable sources such as corn starch and biodegradable
  • Nylon
  • Carbon fiber composite material
  • Resin

We can print and flexible filaments and cell appearance and exotic wood, bronze, stone etc.
Available colors: all the usual range. The command can also create special colors.